System Integration

System Integration

Production Data Management

At iSolutions we have had experience with most industry standard field data capture and reporting solutions including FieldView, PVR and Tietonator Energy Components. We have also assisted smaller organizations through the implementation of custom web-based daily volume reporting tools and through system integrations using existing data capture applications. iSolutions’ consultants are familiar with the regulatory reporting requirements of the Alberta Energy Regulator in both the conventional oil and gas and heavy oil spaces. We can assist you with any of the following:

  • Development of Plant Balances
  • Data Capture Requirements for:
    • Truck Tickets
    • Well Run Hours
    • Product Volumes
    • Consumables
      • Source Water
      • Diluent

In the heavy oil space, a number of producers are now making use of on-site cogeneration of electricity. We can assist you with daily reconciliation of grid operator (AESO) reports with your in-house power generation reports. iSolutions has implemented custom and integrated tools to allow hand-held devices to be used for data capture in the production data management space. for assets that are not tied into existing plant or SCADA systems.

Corporate and Site Historian Commissioning

At iSolutions we are heavily committed to helping organizations extract value from their corporate and site historian infrastructure. We have implemented dozens of historian solutions in the power, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and oil and gas spaces. We are familiar with most industry-standard historians including:

  • OSIsoft PI
    • Standard and High Availability Configurations
    • Windows / Unix-Based Deployment
  • Honeywell PHD
  • Aspentech IP.21
  • Capstone DataPARC

iSolutions also has an in-depth knowledge of industry leading real-time reporting and trending platforms, including:

  • Capstone PARCView
  • OSIsoft PI Coresight/DataLink/Process Book/Webparts
  • Honeywell Operational Insight
  • Honeywell Uniformance
  • Rockwell Vantage Point
  • Siemens XHQ
  • Aspentech Manufacturing Suite

As our consultants have many year’s experience in the historian space, we can efficiently operate under a number of engagement models including:

  • As part of your overall automation program
    • Embedded on-site
    • Off-site / remote
  • Turn-key Solutions
    • Project Solutioning
    • Implementation
    • Commissioning & Support

We have implemented historians under agile, waterfall and PMI best practice project models. We can execute your plan or generate all project deliverables including:

  • Cost / Scope of Supply
    • Determine License Requirements
      • Server Components
      • Interfaces
      • Desktop Tools
    • Support / Sustainment Costs
    • Generate RFQ, Scope of Supply Documents
  • Capacity Planning
    • Tag Counts
    • Hardware Specification & Requisition
    • Network Models
    • Bandwidth Requirements
  • Redundancy Requirements
    • High Availability
    • Cold / Hot Failover Requirements
    • Site Sparing Options
    • Point-of-Failure Analysis

Are you extracting maximum value from your site / corporate historian investment? Let iSolutions help you do more with what you have now, and put in place a plan to manage future growth of your historian infrastructure.


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