Support Delivery Options

Support and Project Delivery Options

Cosource / Project Based

We can provide support and/or project resources to your organization to work on-site on a part or full-time basis, embedded within your business organization. We can provide resources that your organization directs or manage a full team of resources to execute a project. Let us assist you with establishing KPI’s to measure the performance of your critical systems. Once the KPI’s have been defined, our staff will work to ensure all KPI objectives are met. You will be provided with timely reports regarding the health of your systems. We can provide the following resources:

  • Project Management
  • Technical Specialists
  • Business Analysts / System Analysts
  • Software Engineering Specialists
Fixed monthly monitoring

If you have a good grip on the scope of your internal systems we can often arrive at a fixed cost monthly monitoring solution for your critical historian and related applications. As part of this solution we will provide:

  • A pro-active, automated application monitoring
  • On-call application specialists to assist with near-term issues
    • Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Support
  • Reserved hours for senior-level project resources to assist with
    • Architectural issues
    • Auctioning opportunities
    • Capacity planning
    • Best practices
  • Guaranteed issue response and resolution times based on your organizations’ requirements
  • A detailed monthly report that identifies
    • Any significant issues / disruptions that occurred during the monitoring period
    • Potential application scalability issues that may arise in the near to mid-term
    • Any potential outages that may need to be taken in the upcoming reporting period
    • A list of non-critical defects that can be resolved as time / resources permit
    • Best Practice Guidance / suggestions that can be implemented in the upcoming reporting period

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