Strategy & Road Mapping

Strategy & Road Mapping We have a new facility coming online…  
  • What production data do we need to capture?
  • What regulatory reporting requirements are we up against?
  • How do we integrate our production systems for real-time data?
  • Why is our data visualization tool-set performing so slowly?
  • Are we getting a good deal from our PDM software supplier?
  • Do we really need all these tools?
  • How can we measure the capability & performance of our PDM systems?
  • Are we spending too many hours on system support? Should we outsource?
  • Can we support our OMS from head office or do we need resources in the field?
  • Our field data capture system is at end of life, how do we select a new one?
  • There’s a new version of our corporate data historian available. Should we upgrade?
  • Are our PDM systems secure? Would we be able to recover from a disaster recovery scenario?
  These are just a few of the questions we help organizations find answers to everyday at iSolutions. Our lead consultants have assisted utility and oil and gas companies on a highly varied number of strategy and road-mapping initiatives. We are set up to deliver change project design and execution, scoping studies, workshops or just basic hand-holding in the production data management space. Some of our more frequent engagements have focused on the areas of: CAPEX OMS & Historian system design Master Data Design Data integration architectures Product Selection Training / uptake & system hand-over issues OPEX Support Team Setup Demand Management Business Engagement Value Extraction Licensing Rationalization Capacity & Evergreen Planning Troubleshooting Data Quality Issues Data Latency & replication Failed / incorrect engineering calculation outputs Asset Coverage System Performance Engagement Models At iSolutions we’re familiar with most current methods for delivering work. Some of the models we’re most familiar with include: Project-based delivery Structured 1-2 day workshops Informal “fireside chats” with technical and business leads Scoping Studies Retainer-based advisory We can perform our work onsite embedded or offsite depending on your needs. Tell us about your challenges and we’ll suggest a number of engagement models that can maximize value. Questions?