Decision Support

  WHAT: The objective of a Decision Support Center (DSC) is to Monitor, Identify & Prioritize under-performing assets through automation & integration. WHERE: DSC production monitoring occurs via CENTRALIZED CONTROL CENTERS with access to all production systems. WHY: Value added through connectivity – linking data, facilities, people and ideas with technology and advanced communications to

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        THAT REQUIRES NEW FORMS OF PROCESSING TO ENABLE ENHANCED DECISION MAKING, INSIGHT DISCOVERY AND PROCESS OPTIMIZATION TO CREATE VALUE WHAT: A Collection of Datasets so large and complex it becomes difficult to process using on-hand DB management tools or traditional data processing applications WHERE: Big data limitations are generally present in;

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PI Asset Framework

This article discusses the components and features of OSIsoft’s PI Asset Framework (AF) 2010 software system, and outlines various value-adding scenarios leveraging the capabilities of AF. What is AF? PI AF is a repository for asset-centric models and hierarchies. It is capable of integrating and retrieving data from a multitude of data sources such as

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