Upstream Oil & Gas

Upstream Oil & Gas: Challenges and (i)Solutions

iSolutions consultants are experts at bringing time-series data to business analytics and process optimization for upstream oil and gas industries. iSolutions designs and implements program-based, ROI-centric production data management initiatives for our clients that provide concrete, measurable value at each implementation phase.

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Common challenges faced daily within the upstream sector include:



iSolutions Value-Add

Well Optimization
  • High count of low producing wells
  • Geological dispersion
  • Multiple drilling techniques across assets
  • Varying life cycle
  • Reference Models for conventional and enhanced recovery well optimization scenarios
  • BI toolset integration for multi-asset optimization
  • Many successfully implemented projects
  • ARC-GIS integrations with PI
Facility Optimization
  • Downtime reporting/ Non Productive Time (NPT)
    • Downtime classification
    • Opportunity cost
  • Production efficiency (OE Score (%))
    • Throughput
    • Quality of product
    • Theoretical capacity
  • Pipeline gathering system integrity
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Maintenance
  • Engineering and operations workshop delivery
  • ROI-based opportunity assessments
  • PI event frame and notification construction
  • Automated work order generation
  • Program-based PDM initiatives
Data Management
  • Disparate SCADA
    • Utilization on & off-site (cloud based)
  • Data Quality & Consistency
  • Unstructured Data
    • Maintenance
  • Hub & spoke and corporate historian architectures
  • Point count optimization / cost containment models
  • Standardized data integrity checks
  • Upstream oil and gas domain knowledge
  • Customer-specific data catalogues / master data
  • Collaboration across business units
    • Drives need for different data sets
    • Ops/engineering/geo sciences
  • Varying scope of interest
    • Per well/field/region/corporate entity
  • Light-weight data governance models
  • Experience with shop floor to C-suite dashboarding
  • JV data sharing & BU-specific data views
For more information, download iSolutions’ Upstream Solutions presentation: Upstream Solutions    

Potential Benefits to Upstream clients: PI System Support Capabilities

  • Picture1Automating Manually Entered Data
  • Automating Reports
  • Providing Historical Reference Data
  • Providing Context to Data
  • Standardizing Analysis
  • Tracking KPIs via Management Dashboards
  • Communicating Key Info. via Notifications & Alerts
  • Troubleshooting / Data Access via Mobile Device
  • Providing HMI SCADA Graphics

Upstream Business Processes : PI System Support Details

The table below illustrates some common upstream business processes and the typical form of assistance the PI System and PI Client Tools provide to improve ease, speed, efficiency and accuracy of data analysis.

Upstream Business Process

Degree of Support


Sample Types of Support from PI System

Well Monitoring and Optimization


  • RT/NRT data availability for trending
  • View well data (in dashboards / reports format) on mobile devices

Well Downtime Tracking


  • Calculate and report NPT consistently across assets
  • Auto-generate work orders
  • Custom PI Notification alerts via text or email

Well Interventions Scheduling and Post-Intervention Results Monitoring


  • View well activity such as interventions, testing, etc. overlaid with production trends ( in dashboards / reports format)

Data Volumes reporting


  • RT / NRT data availability for trending
  • Integrate with all SCADA systems for scalable analysis (e.g. well, site, region, company-wide, etc.)
  • Generate reports for expedited analysis of production data

Production Decline (long term)


  • Unlimited historical production data available for trending

Production Forecast (7-30 days)


  • Calculate production forecast using actual data for custom ranges

Product Quality Tracking / LIMS Integration


  • Integrate production data with LIMS system data for improved analysis and reporting

Gas Composition Tests


  • Integrate production data with Gas Comp sample data for improved analysis and reporting

Corrosion Management


  • Manage corrosion coupon process information
  • Custom PI Notification alerts via text or email

Communicating Findings


  • Auto-generated reports (pdf or xls) emailed to a distribution list (e.g. broader group than PI user community)
  • Field and Operations data available for analysis in city-center
**For more information, download iSolutions’ Upstream Solutions presentation** – coming soon

Visual Contexts for PI Systems Data


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 PI System Benefits

  • A full, preserved, real-time data trail of plant/field process variable values
  • Analysis of real time process data allows for operational, engineering and management users to make educated, site-specific production and operational decisions to enhance production and increase operational efficiencies
  • Standard platform that can collect and store data from any field/plant control system. Corporate users only need to access a single source to see real time data for all sites
  • A central location for key calculations (production, KPIs, etc) that can be used by all business stakeholders
  • Reduced impact to field/plant control system infrastructure as users would not need to login to the remote systems to see their processes in real time
  • Advanced trending, reporting and notification capabilities available with historian solutions
  • Standard access interfaces that allow for easy integration to downstream systems (asset management, field data capture, production and financial accounting, etc.)
  • Secure access to real time data for partners

Analysis Examples:

Rig & Drilling Optimization Opportunities in Upstream Exploration


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Production Optimization Analysis


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