iSolutions’ Offerings

Why Managed Services for production data management applications? The fundamental value proposition of a managed services model in data management is the simultaneous service improvement and cost reduction obtained by sharing the cost of the required technical depth, focus and experience required to manage these complex business critical systems between multiple customers. Some of the benefits enjoyed by managed services customers include:
  • Resource continuity – Provides access to senior, certified consultants with extensive experience working with complex system configurations and setups
  • Focus on Core Competencies – Managed services will help reduce the HR management and training costs associated with staffing Historian consultants and hence allow the organization to focus on its core competencies
  • Best Practices – Gain Access to industry best practices in supporting, implementing, and managing historian systems and services, and keeping up with the latest technologies available.
  • Improve Staffing Flexibility – Allows the organization to respond quickly and inexpensively to changes in historian system management demands. Resources can easily be brought on to assist the dedicated on-site resources as required when the workload increases.
What iSolutions offers
  • Consistent delivery – Many successful engagements with clients based on a practice of working towards long term objectives grown over time rather than maximizing near-term profitability to the vendor
  • Strong familiarity and in-depth knowledge of several historian environments, infrastructure setup and operations.
  • Access to highly specialized historian experts to complement our proven delivery capacity for managing large enterprise systems.
  • Partnership with best-in-class historian vendors and preferred local integrator of their products
  • Pragmatic approach to leveraging and integrating our processes and methodologies seamlessly with our client’s environments
  • Strong emphasis on team integration throughout the support contract period to establish solid foundations for accountability and knowledge retention
  • The option to have iSolutions consultants collocated on-site or off-site at the customer’s facilities is available depending on customer preference
  • Engagement management and governance services – Provision of an engagement manager to oversee the hiring, scheduling, cross training, security checks, vacation and training backfill for the pool of Personnel assigned
  • Available 24×7 on-call support and standby services
  Managed Services Offerings Day-to-day service desk support
  • Incident reporting
  • System break/fix
Application Maintenance
  • Routine system health-checks
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Security and access management
  • Service request fulfillment
Application and Infrastructure Evergreen
  • Testing – Patches and new functionalities
  • Application upgrades
  • Continuous improvement
  • Configuration management
Additional Services
  • Solution architecture
  • Business process improvement (BPI)
  • Project management with data management specialization
  • Training
Additional Benefits
  • Seamless transition with no business disruptions
  • Excellent and exceptional service level at a reduced cost
  • Reduced ongoing operating costs allowing budget for more value added CapEx initiatives
  • Predictable cost, reduced downtime and elimination of unplanned IT investments