MDE/Operator Logs


The iSolERA Manual Data Entry system allows direct input from operators or data entry clerks and will synchronize the data back to any required databases.
iSolERA MDE has a web interface, and a powerful database to store your sensitive data. The web interface makes it easily accessible across company departments and offices.

Excel vs Database
While Microsoft Excel is a powerful worksheet tool, it should not be considered a database for long term storage. Only a proper database will store years’ worth of data that can be easily accessed for trending, summarizing and analyzing.
External Data Source
iSolERA captures data from any number of sources such as historians, SCADA systems, public websites and third party databases.
No Training Required
iSolERA data grids are designed to work very much like a typical spreadsheet software. Users are up and running in less than 10 minutes. Because you are in control of the layout, we can ensure the transition from your current system to iSolERA is seamless.

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