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  Capture1     iSolERA is a highly configurable field data capture, production reporting & volume accounting software solution. iSolERA manages the volumetric data flow from field/plant devices, integrates with data historians, manages truck ticketing, allows for operations manual data entry and overrides with a full audit trail, generates commodity allocations and balance calculations, allows for downtime and chemicals management, and streamlines the daily volume reporting, production accounting and regulatory reporting processes.


  Data management consulting company that specializes in designing, implementing and supporting real-time, historian based, reporting and integration solutions for Oil/Gas and Utility companies.


Software company focused on the Oil & Gas industry, with an emphasis on Alberta SAGD technology.  We develop both packaged and custom software used for field data capture, project & workflow management.




  • High level of database driven configurability and customization
  • Import from legacy systems & integrate multiple projects into one database & interface
  • Intuitive data entry & validation screens
  • Active Directory security integration
  • Interfaces to any external system: Historian, Truck Terminal, Web…
  • Data exports customized to regulatory & corporate templates
  • View variables and formulas in the Formula Trace feature
  • Ability to export any screen / report to Excel format
  • Build your own reports using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

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  • Inline Editing
  • Sort / Filter
  • Cut / Copy & Paste
  • Export to Excel
  • Built in Data Validation
  • Built in Audit Trail
  • Live Trends from Historian
  • Tag Configuration from web interface




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