Data Historians


OSIsoft PI The PI Server is the real-time data collection, archiving, and distribution engine that powers the PI System. The PI Server brings all relevant data from disparate sources, such as enterprise systems, databases, and operational data sources into a single system, secures it so appropriate access is given to individuals based on their roles, and delivers it to users at all levels of the company in a uniform and consistent manner. The PI Server optimizes the data storage to use the least amount of disk space possible while still providing needed fidelity and allows retrieval of any data, no matter how old, quickly and accurately. As a result, users have a comprehensive, real-time view into operational, IT infrastructure, and business activities enabling them to make timely, profitable, decisions.

PI System InfrastructureSource


iSolutions provides implementation services for the best historians currently on the market, including; OSIsoft PI, Aspentech IP.21, Honeywell PHD, and Capstone ParcView. Such services include installation/configuration of historian and real time interfaces, integrations to downstream systems (Field Data Capture, Production Accounting, Asset Management, 3rd Party Partners, etc.), data backfilling, report development, graphics development, and custom application development. iSolutions provides reporting implementation services for Production Management using the best of breed products on the market. Services include OSIsoft’s reporting suite, Capstone ParcView, Rockwell Vantage Point, Siemens XHQ, Honeywell Operational Insight, Microsoft SSRS/SSIS, Transpara Visual KPI, ECG Glance, as well as custom report development. iSolutions’ implementations provide clients with the ability to make educated, site specific production and operational decisions based on the analysis of real time data from integrated field and plant systems. For more information on these tools, please see Data Visualization Tools Questions?

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