Data Quality As A Service (DQAAS)

Data Quality / Master Data Management Services

images Data Quality has increasingly become a concern for our stakeholders when examining and absorbing the KPIs we develop for their adhoc, daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting requirements. Our team has been developing tools and techniques for managing data quality and we have become part of countless quality related projects from simple data profiling and forensics to the implementation of complete master data and data quality programs.
  • Data quality (DQM) program development, implementation and oversight
  • Master data management (MDM) program development, implementation and oversight
  • Profiling, standardization, matching, and cleansing
  • Data quality monitoring and reporting
  • Standards development and implementation
  • Data governance and stewardship
  • Business case development
iSolutions has a number of customizable solution offerings in the Data Quality as a Service (DQAAS) space. Please contact for more information.