Custom Software Development

Custom Software

iSolutions has significant experience working with a majority of the key data sets in the oil and gas industry including:

  • Volumetric Reporting
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Downtime Reporting
  • Control System Alarms & Events, Interlock Bypass Data
  • Maintenance Records
  • Safety systems

If your organization is struggling with a tool-set gap in any of the above areas, iSolutions has the software development expertise to craft a ground-up solution, or enhance an existing tool. Our teams are familiar with both Agile and traditional “waterfall” project execution frameworks, and we can tailor an engagement model tailored to your business’ needs. Below are some of our key service offerings in this area.

Enterprise Applications

iSolutions has built custom applications around well test automation, check-in/check-out tagging, field data capture, instrumentation diagram management, schematic documents management for facility commissioning, to name a few. Over the years some of our larger implementations have involved multi-year efforts with over 5000 engineering hours. iSolutions can provide a project manager with domain expertise, business analyst, QA and development resources for your initiative. We can work on a fixed cost, T&M or IP-sharing basis to ensure your needs are met.


ASP.Net / Crystal Reports / Business Objects

Anyone can produce a simple report using a myriad of technologies that satisfy immediate needs. What makes iSolutions unique in this space is that we’re familiar with tag-oriented, production data systems and the reporting requirements of the oil and gas and power domains. We’ve worked with just about every major reporting package on the market. We can help your organization determine the best tool-set to use for reporting and deliver effective report and dashboards, often on a fixed-cost basis.

Health Monitoring

Network / Application

At iSolutions we’ve built a number of application health monitoring tools utilizing both custom written code and integrations using off-the-shelf products such as Splunk and Nagios. We’re intimately familiar with the uptime requirements of critical corporate and plant applications. We can provide you with a custom or integrated solution that will notify you in the event of unplanned application outages. We’ve written tools to issue email and telephone alerts using simple to complex escalation policies. All of our solutions implement best practices for notification escalation, alarm flooding and acknowledgement requirements.


SSIS / SSAS & Business Intelligence

Data integration has recently become a hot topic with forward-thinking organizations. At iSolutions we have been pioneers in the usage of ETL tools for exposing time-series and production data to business intelligence applications. We are one of the first companies to have meaningful experience with mapping & loading this class of data into OLAP cubes. We can help your organization leverage ETL / OLAP tools to assist with

  • Process Trouble-shooting
  • Opex cost calculations
  • Downtime Reporting
  • Maintenance Schedule Optimization
  • “What-if” modeling

We can work with your in-house database administrators to come up with an ETL strategy to leverage time series data or provide you with an end-to-end solution.


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