Aquisition & Divestiture Technical Services

Acquisition and Divestiture Technical Services

Managing company growth can be difficult at the best of times, but managing the influx of processes, systems and data in an acquisition can be overwhelming for small and midsize companies. We have over 12 years experience with the intricacies of acquisitions and divestitures from a technical perspective and can help manage building the services and systems to help you face the future. You shouldn’t grow hoping your processes, systems and data can automatically adapt. We can develop a plan to manage your growth and know where your money is going. If you are growing, you’ll have to make investments in processes, systems and data, and we have developed a process* to help you proactively evaluate where you need to invest and we have the knowledge and contacts to ensure you avoid the unnecessary money pits. We can help you go to the table knowing what to ask for from a position of strength, and make technology investments with your eyes open. A&D The process generally follows these four high level steps:
  1. Identify the gaps – between where you are and where you need to be.
  2. Recommend solutions that fit your goals and future.
  3. Build, Buy and Lease what you need.
  4. Transition and Prepare for Future Growth .
  Acquisition System Inventory & Transition There are several common themes that present themselves upon acquisition,
  • What did I buy?
  • What critical components (systems & people) are we missing?
  • Impacts on our processes & people
  • What next – What new software & hardware do we need to buy?
  • Execution
*iSolutions’ services execution process described above is structured as follows: Aquisition System Inventory & Transition   Download a copy:

  Virtual Technology Officer (VTO) Service As technology has become increasingly complex, the trend has been for technology to also become more central and important to business operations. Oftentimes small and midsize companies can’t or don’t want to manage the complexity and costs, but want to be able to benefit from using technology as a tool that gives them a competitive advantage. For these companies we have developed a service called the Virtual Technology Officer (VTO) service. Our VTO service is a consulting service that can supplement your existing staff and give you that technology expertise without incurring the costs of having a team on site full time. If you only need advice from time to time, someone to manage a project so you can focus on your core business, or a person to consult with part-time … we can help. VTO Service Highlights
  • Strategic guidance, staff training, and IT project management
  • Systems analysis and service architecture design
  • Security analysis and system hardening
  • Platform and software recommendation and configuration support
  • IT staff training
  • Expert troubleshooting and support
  • IT project management and tracking
  • Executive technology liaison

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