Data Visualization Tools

Data Visualization

iSolutions provides services for implementation and support for the best of industry Production Management visualization tools. Our consultants are experts in the following Data Visualization solutions; let iSolutions help your organization leverage these tools to realize your reporting, optimization and data capture needs.

Capstone Technology PARCView

The ParcView visualization toolset allows users to visualize production data through industry leading trending tool technologies, process graphics and dashboards. The tool-set is available via desktop and mobile platforms. The solution offering also includes Manual Data Entry functionality to easily develop data entry screens and custom applications such as operator logbooks. There is also a calculation engine to allow for complex calculations using data from any data source.

OSIsoftPI Coresight

PI Coresight is an intuitive, web visualization tool that helps you quickly and easily analyze data enterprise wide. Support for desktop and mobile browsers and customized views for small screen devices means that you can access important process information from any device and from anywhere. PI Coresight provides secure access to PI system data and gives you new and flexible ways to interact with your data. Coresight allows users to develop rich dashboards to include trending, KPI gauges, tabular reporting and embedded HMI graphics into a single display.

OSIsoftPI DataLink

PI DataLink provides a graphical interface to retrieve data and build functions and calculations through MS-Excel. These functions are embedded in spreadsheet cells and can provide active updates of real-time data from the PI Server. Combined with the computational, graphic, and formatting capabilities of Microsoft Excel, PI DataLink offers powerful tools for gathering, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting PI data. These excel based displays can also be templated using OSISoft’s Asset Framework tool to allow users to develop reports that can easily be re-used for all similar assets.

OSIsoft PI ProcessBook

As the easy-to-use graphical display interface to the OSIsoft® PI System, PI ProcessBook makes it possible to efficiently display real- time and historical data residing in the PI System and other sources. PI ProcessBook can be used to create interactive graphical displays and trends that can be saved and shared with others. These displays can be templated using OSISoft’s Asset Framework tool to easily develop content that can be re-used. Operations HMI graphics can easily be replicated into this tool to minimize users on their critical control systems.

OSIsoft PI WebParts

PI WebParts allow users to investigate real-time information —including time series, relational, and web services information—within a MS-Sharepoint web-based environment. Data can be combined from different sources: real-time, maintenance systems, production planning systems, and financial systems.
The flexible, configurable interface enables information workers to customize views and enables enterprises to architect security so that only the most relevant and appropriate information appears on a user’s display.

Transpara Visual KPI

Visual KPI is a web based visualization tool that allows users to access information from any real time historian or data source. Users can create rich displays with trends, reports, heat maps and dashboards to view on desktops or any mobile device. The installation and configuration is very simple to allow users to easily create their own content.

ECG Glance

Glance is a lightweight web-based client that runs on all modern devices without requiring add-ons. With Glance, users can house thousands of displays, view and even build displays on any modern web browser or mobile device. The intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate and maintain a collection of graphical process displays suitable for an entire fleet of industrial facilities.

Siemens XHQ

XHQ Operations Intelligence product line aggregates, relates and presents operational and business data in real-time to improve enterprise performance. Through XHQ, you have a single coherent view of information, enabling a variety of solutions in real-time performance management and decision support. XHQ can extract data from virtually any data source and though it’s a component based model, this data is aggregated through real time views on any web browser or mobile device.

Rockwell VantagePoint

FactoryTalk® VantagePoint EMI can give you manufacturing information when you need it, the way you want to see it to make informed decisions. Most of what manufacturers need to know about their production operations is buried in their greatest hidden asset—their manufacturing data. VantagePoint EMI is the gateway to that data and enables individuals to explore the wealth of information buried within the data. This software offers mobile access via any smartphone or tablet, and the ability to view web-based reports and KPI dashboards delivered through the software portal.

Honeywell Operational Insight/Matrikon ProcessNet

Operational Insight is a web thin client that enables users to access virtually any data source in their enterprise and to correlate plant floor and business application data in a single location. With this data connectivity and a suite of application tools, Operational Insight can be implemented to provide process data analysis, process graphics, trending, reporting, data entry, notifications and display for applications such as alarm management, maintenance management, thermal performance, and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards.